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In most health institutions, medical staff is investing a lot of time by simultaneously trying to look after patients throughout their stay, search medical care equipment and manage strategic areas (e.g. operating-blocks, recovery rooms, emergencies, etc.).

K-LS is a solution that saves considerably time by allowing instant geolocalisation of all mobile elements (patients and medical equipment), accurate traceability of the care-process and optimal efficiency in all sectors of the structure.

Real-time geolocalistion of patients and medical equipment
Saving time and improving working conditions
Improved operating room efficiency
Secured en comprehensive care circuit


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K-LS is an innovative solution that combines instant geolocalisation with identification technology. K-LS bracelets use RFID Active technology to enable healthcare institutions to easily locate, secure and optimize patient flows as well as the performance in the operating-blocks or emergency departments.


Access directly to the exact location of patients in your health institution. Our software continuously calculates the coordinates transmitted by the sensors.


Optimize the productivity of your infrastructure and activities. See the utilisation rate of your operating rooms in real time. The data generated is directly analyzed and thus provides the opportunity to view accurate statistics of each sector.


K-LS uses RFID Active technology and identifies not only accurately patients, but also ensures complete tracking and visualization of the elements by reconstructing the entire movements.


K-LS is integrated into the patient's file. Managing activities throughout the patient's circuit is more efficient and allows you to improve communication within your staff. Resource-management has accurate data on all of the institution's activities (costs, occupancy rates, etc.).


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Why choose K-LS ?

K-LS enables healthcare institutions to optimize the management of patient flow during their stay.

Simple, precise and customizable, K-LS is an innovative solution for the hospital sector that offers efficiency and security of care circuits.

What are the benefits of K-LS for my institution?

With K-LS, you can now geolocate in real-time the exact position of all patients, visualize their circuits within your institution and the actual occupancy rate of the rooms in each of your sectors but also generate alerts. With K-LS, you have optimal traceability of all your equipment, better management of your patient flow, and specific statistics by sector, all very easy and fast.

How can I use K-LS?

K-LS is 100% web-based and accessible from any computer medium (e.g. PC, tablet, etc.). Once the setting and implementation of the system is done within your institution, a list of the elements to be traced will be established. You can then see in a dashboard the activities of all patients of the day.