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Developed in collaboration with many doctors, PLUUS is 100% web software designed specifically for Swiss medical offices. Join the experience of computerising your practice with managing appointments, consultations, letters, TARMED invoicing, or even the laboratory. Thanks to its modern design and intuitive ergonomics, the adaptation time is shortened.

No hardware or software installation
Data hosted in Switzerland in a secure and certified datacenter
Monthly changes based on user feedback


Do you want to find out more about our software? We offer a personalized demonstration remotely or on-site at your convenience.


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PLUUS is a web solution designed specifically for the management of medical practices. With PLUUS, managing your calendar, completing your patients' medical files, or billing for your consultations becomes simple, quick, and efficient.


Benefit, thanks to the multi-planner function of PLUUS, of maximum visibility on all your activities and simplify the appointment. Your secretary can also view your availability in real-time.


Easily complete the patient's medical file by filling in the medical history, entering the clinical examination, filling a prescription, adding personalized letters, or integrating laboratory results.


Gather all of the patient's administrative and medical information. Access to its history and any desired information is done quickly; you can pratice your activity with ease.


Customize your consultation rates and services thanks to TARMED coding. This quotation automatically generates a detailed invoice, sent electronically to La Caisse des Médecins or Medidata.


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Do you have any questions? We are at your entire disposal and will answer them with pleasure! If you do not see your question below, do not hesitate to contact us, using our contact form.

What are the benefits of PLUUS for my medical office?

PLUUS is cross-platform web software designed specifically for Switzerland and requires no installation. Thanks to its many features, PLUUS offers you the possibility of organizing your activities and managing your agenda in the most optimal way.

What are the benefits of PLUUS for my practice?

Kheops Technologies has a secure infrastructure, in Geneva, within the company Cybernatus (Ofac Group); our certified partner. In addition, at Kheops Technologies, we develop all of our IT solutions in full compliance with the GDPR.

How can I use PLUUS?

PLUUS is 100% Web and accessible from any type of support (computer, tablet and smartphone). Thus, no installation (server or software) is necessary to use it: our personalized configuration will be enough for you to quickly and easily use our solution.


Multi-professional agenda

  • Simultaneous view of serveral doctor-schedules

Daily, weekly and monthly views

Taking appointments easily and quickly

  • Modification of appointments by Drag & Drop

Management of multiple appointments

  • Session planning

Possibility of sending SMS reminders to patients

  • Fully customizable text
  • SMS patient consent



  • Reason of consultation
  • Disease-History
  • Clinical examination
  • Conclusion

Computerized prescription

  • Multiple alerts (allergies, drug interactions, minimum age and weight,…)
  • Use of the Compendium drug database (MedIndex)
  • Customizable protocols
  • Categories: drugs, biology, imaging, care, specialist, etc.

Document management

  • Customizable and configurable document templates
  • Customized forms
  • Adding scanned files
  • Add instant photo (with tablet)

Patient file


  • Patient history (in TimeLine format)
  • Consultations of the day
  • Quick patient search

Administrative file

  • Creation and patient search by reading the Covercard
  • Personal and administrative data
  • Medical and insurance correspondents

Medical record

  • Pre-existing illnesses & allergies
  • Personal treatments
  • Current pathologies
  • Diagnostics (Int. Classification of Diseases ICD-10)
  • Monitoring of vital signs (configurable)


Setting of consultation rates

  • TARMED-Blocks
  • Laboratory codes
  • Benefits (medication, care, materials, etc.)

Electronic invoice

  • Send in XML format
  • Compatible with Doctors' Fund & MediData
  • Management of returns (invoice error)


  • Management of cash receipts (import file v11)
  • Payment validation
  • ESR-Print