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ClevEHR is an activity management software package for healthcare establishments, offering a complete solution for electronic health records. It improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the facility by centralizing information and facilitating access to it for better patient care.

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The right solution for your business

With its multi-purpose management, ClevEHR is designed to adapt to all sizes of facility.



Medical practices

Global connectivity

ClevEHR is open, interoperable and compliant with international standards.

Integrations with Kheops software

Several establishments with different purposes? ClevEHR can be linked with third-party Kheops software: JustLink, Imeds, etc.

Interfacing with your existing systems

ClevEHR enables you to interface fully with all your existing systems: GAP (Billing, Administrative), Laboratory, Radiology, EAI, EDM, etc.


As a 100% web-based solution, ClevEHR is securely accessible wherever you are, on any type of hardware.


ClevEHR complies with international interoperability standards (FHIR, HL7, H'XML, APIs) and offers contextual calls to simplify access to third-party software.

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Patient records
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Activity monitoring

ClevEHR enables you to track of all activities carried out within the software.


The user history gives you easy access at any time to modifications (user, time, date, modified field, etc.) and information consulted.

Rights management

ClevEHR offers fine-tuned rights management, enabling access to be customized according to user profile.

Read and write access

ClevEHR offers full traceability of write and read actions

A customized solution

One of ClevEHR’s strengths lies in its ability to be totally adaptable to the specific needs of the medical structure in which it is deployed.


Personalize your experience by choosing the modules that perfectly match your needs and interface with your current information system.

You’re guaranteed an integrated system that’s optimized for your facility


Set up your facility’s specificities according to your specialties and habits. You’re guaranteed to save time when entering requests for interventions, medical orders, care protocols, forms and so on.

You’ll finally be able to use structured data!

Adaptable training

Develop your skills quickly and efficiently with TrainEHR, our online learning platform. Our training modules include videos, educational activities, and quizzes. Progress at your own pace while benefiting from detailed tracking!

Multidisciplinary management

ClevEHR is adapted to different healthcare fields, enabling better coordination between different departments and specialties.

OR Module

In a highly specialized care environment such as the operating theatre, precise planning and efficient coordination are crucial to ensuring patient safety and care, as is the traceability of procedures, equipment and personnel.

Care Record Module

The Care Record module is a tool for accessing information and monitoring a patient’s care, such as the care plan, vital parameters, medical observations, nursing transmissions and care objectives.

CTR module - Rehabilitation

ClevEHR’s CTR (Centre de Traitement et de Réadaptation) module is designed to help rehabilitation professionals organize their sessions and validate their services.

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