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ClevEHR SaaS

ClevEHR SaaS the only software in Switzerland to manage outpatient consultations, surgical planning, nursing care, emergency management and triage.

The right solution for your business

ClevEHR’s versatility means it can adapt to any size of facility.

Medical-Surgical centers
Outpatient services

Electronic health records

Improve patient care by centralizing patient records and sharing information between healthcare professionals.

No data stored on the computer

By keeping software and data on our servers in Switzerland, we take care of their maintenance and security. You don't have to worry about it, because our specialized experts take care of it for you.

Monitoring your facility's activity

With ClevEHR SaaS, you can manage your facility's performance and secure medical and nursing activity efficiently. Data processing and statistics simplify the management of your facility.

Extended functional coverage

Numerous modules are available to meet the needs of every facility. A single software package to cover all your facility's needs.

Optimized consultations

The ClevEHR Saas solution provides optimal management of medical consultations

Diary and consultation management
Prescriptions, letters and documents
TARMED, CDM, Medidata, MediServ invoicing
Anesthetic consultations

Improved management of emergencies

Adapted to outpatient clinics, the Emergencies functionality enables you to simplify and prioritize nursing and medical care.

Swiss triage scale (HUG)
Nursing file
Admissions and routine
Medical management