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KLS is an innovative solution that combines real-time geolocation with route reconstruction software to optimize patient flows and thus increase operating room or emergency department performance.

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Real-time patient localization

Get an instant snapshot of the exact location of patients present in your healthcare facility. Our software continuously calculates the coordinates transmitted by the emitter sensors.

Optimization of patient flows

Optimize the efficiency of your operating rooms and activities. The generated data offers the ability to view accurate and relevant statistics.

Time savings

KLS integrates with the patient record, optimizing activity management and improving internal communication. Staff in charge of resources have access to accurate data on all the facility's activities, including costs and occupancy rates.

Maximum traceability

Thanks to our geolocation technologies, you will be able to ensure patient identity-vigilance, as well as fully monitor and reconstruct all stages of the patient journey.

Implication des accompagnantsInvolvement of caregivers

Through a dedicated screen for caregivers, the latter can follow the progress of their loved one’s journey and stay informed by automatically sending an SMS generated at different stages of the patient journey.

Client Success

Clinique Lille Sud

Thanks to KLS and its patient identification bracelets, Clinique Lille Sud has streamlined the outpatient patient journey and improved the experience of caregivers.


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