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Maintaining continuous, effective and rapid communication with patients is paramount for health care institutions. JustLink facilitates exchanges between healthcare professionals and their patients, strengthening their relationship and follow-up.  

A true digital health record, JustLink allows the patient to send and receive via his mobile, all the necessary information of pre-admission and follow-up after hospitalization. 

Secure digital health book
Instant sharing of medical and administrative documents
Planning and taking appointments online
Direct notifications to patients


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JustLink is an application designed entirely to facilitate interaction and communication between doctors and patients. With JustLink, exchanging information is done instantly, easily, and directly from all kind of medium (smartphone, tablet, computer). Patient notifications and alerts for health institutions allow you to see and plan all the actions to be taken.


Syncronise your agenda with the categories you set up to relieve your medical secretary. Also add a shortcut from your own website to make it easier for your patients to book an appointment.


Patients can check their administrative information, add a person to be notified, send files, sign documents, complete forms, inform about their patient-history, allergies and medication treatments, or select the hotel services you provide.


Stay in touch with your patients when they return to their homes. Automatically generate post-op tracking forms and see their results based on the alerts generated. Also receive photos (healing, infection, bleeding, etc.) or documents in a secured way.


The patient can provide medical history, allergies or personal treatments. But also certain constants manually (size, weight, temperature, etc.) or synchronize his connected devices (bracelets, watches, scales) in order to complete the follow-up (number of steps, physical activity, pulse, sleep, weight, etc.).


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Why JustLink?

JustLink is more than just a patient portal, it’s a real digital health book. Whether you’re using a computer, smartphone or smartwatch, your medical data is instantly stored and secured in your medical records.

What are the benefits of JustLink for my institution?

JustLink ensures simpler and faster communication with the patient. From home, he can manage his appointments and inform himself about the administrative and medical procedures within your institution.

This solution allows an instant exchange of information. You can transfer, receive or view documents related to a consultation or hospitalization (documents, forms, certificates, etc.).

How can I use JustLink?

The healthcare institution (or medical practice) creates an account for its patient (directly from ClevEHR or PLUUS). A link is sent to the patient who connects using a login and a personalized password.

JustLink is 100% web-based and intuitive: with easy connection and quick access to all features, you can manage and share data wherever you are.